Unexpectedly Good Budget Cleanser

Hello! Christmas is over. Hope you had a great time with your family, relatives and friends. Today I am going to share about this afforable cleanser that I did not expected it to be actually good? Before I begin writing more, just a short backstory on how this afforable cleanser came about. You may chooseContinue reading “Unexpectedly Good Budget Cleanser”

My Tips to Avoid Overeating during Festive Season

Hello. Merry Christmas!! I am sure majority do celebrate this festive day. It’s a good opportunity for family, relatives and friends to gather for a get-together, gift exchange, watching holiday movies and many more. During this festive day, there is bound to be delicious food/treats. E.g. Roasted chicken, steak, pizza, christmas pudding, cookies and logcakeContinue reading “My Tips to Avoid Overeating during Festive Season”

Favourite Afforable Toner for 2019

Hello. Before I begin, an extra details about me is that I left my job at the end of 2018 and I am jobless since then (p.s. I took a 6 months break and been searching for a job too.) I wouldn’t denied that as the months passed by, I am getting financially tight butContinue reading “Favourite Afforable Toner for 2019”