May Favourites 2020

How’s everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing good and stay safe. Time flew passed quickly and we are midway through the year 2020. If you are new to this segment, I’ll be sharing about 2 or 3 favourites that I have used for May. It can be anything from beauty, makeup, book, music or app.

Favourite beauty of the month: Laneige Fresh Calming Sun Essence SPF 50+ PA++++

This product was freshly released last month, April in Korea but I discovered upon it in late April and decided to purchase it. This is not yet released in my country but I managed to get it online from Shopee (E-commerce store). The sun essence retails for 29,000 KRW for 50 ml which is estimated at about 33 SGD.

Sunscreen is the most crucial step in the skincare routine regardless of how many steps you have in your skincare or even how expensive is your skincare product. If you are not applying sunscreen, you are missing out a big piece in your skincare routine.

But why is it important to apply sunscreen?

Basically, we are living on Earth with the sun shining above us. It is not possible to say no to the Sun whenever we like it so we have to do our best to avoid sun exposure. Exposure to UV rays (sunrays) heightened the process of premature ageing of your skin such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots.

You might be thinking that “I am still too young to get wrinkles or age spots on my face thus I do not need to apply sunscreen? OR “I spend most of the time indoor so I do not need to apply sunscreen?” The answer is NO! Even if you are like in your 20s, you still have to apply sunscreen to prevent further damage to your skin and UV rays can penetrate through the windows which will speed up the skin’s ageing process.

There are 2 ultraviolet rays from the Sun, UVA and UVB that are harmful to our skin. I’ll not go deep into the explanation of these two ultraviolet rays because this is not a science class. I’ll provide simple illustrations for a better explanation.

Image credit: Sungrubbies (
Image credit: Gleneagles (

Reference to the illustration above, UVA ray is capable to penetrate to the deeper skin tissues layer known as dermis that is responsible for premature skin ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation while UVB penetrates to the top layer of the skin known as epidermis that is responsible for skin redness and sunburn.

There are two types of sunscreen: physical (mineral/inorganic) and chemical (organic) sunscreen. Similarly, I’ll provide illustrations for a better understanding.

Image credit: Babeandbeauty (

Reference to the illustration above, a chemical sunscreen contains organic UV filters that catalyse a chemical reaction when exposed to the sun. It will absorb the sun’s rays and transform them into heat which released into the environment. Whereas physical sunscreen contain inorganic UV filter that acts as a blocking barrier to reflect the sun’s ray from penetrating to the skin.

So which is a better sunscreen? This is a tricky question but it is dependent mainly on individual preference. As for me, I preferred physical sunscreen, not because I dislike chemical sunscreen but I experienced skin reactivity from using it. So far physical sunscreen has not caused any reactivity such as redness and hives on my skin.

Let’s get back to the star product…

I have been using this Laneige sun essence for more than 3 weeks. I have been pleased with this product but neither am I “wow-ed” by this nor am I disappointed at this. I think this is a fairly decent product launched by Laneige.

There has been an ongoing trend in Korea for sunscreen to be more than just giving you protection from the UV rays. But rather a sunscreen with added beneficial (hydration/moisture or even anti-ageing) to the skin. Therefore, you might come across labels such as “sun essence/cream” or “sun cushion”.

Laneige Fresh Calming Sun Essence a physical sunscreen that is suitable for all skin types especially toward troubled skin and sensitive skin. It is mildly formulated with 7 hypoallergenic free ingredients (animal ingredient, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, tar pigment and talc).

The SPF (sun protection factor) for this sun essence is 50+ with PA++++. I feel that it is best to go for a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50, no more or less than this value because it’s at the optimal which is illustrated below.

Image credit: colorescience (

As you might know that UVA rays are “silent killer” to the skin as the effect doesn’t take place immediately but rather a prolong exposure effect. The PA grading system origin from Japan to inform the consumers of the level of protection from UVA rays. The PA grading system was adapted using the PPD (Persistent Pigment Darkening) method that analyses the duration of the skin turning brown/tan. The PPD value is then converted into the PA grading system.

  • If PPD = 2 to 4 = PA+ = Some UVA protection.
  • If PPD = 4 to 8 = PA++ = Moderate UVA protection.
  • If PPD = 8 to 16 = PA+++ = High UVA protection.
  • If PPD = 16 or higher = PA++++ = Extremely High UVA protection.

For example, PPD rating of 8 should allow an individual to handle 8 times as much UVA exposure. But the PPD rating doesn’t give the exact amount of the UVA protection as there is no standardised system to evaluate the PPD scores. Thus, only 5 countries utilise the UVA testing: Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Australia. In Japan, PPD results are grouped and simplified into PA measurements.

The drawbacks about PA rating system, not everybody get tan easily. Some people don’t even get tan from being exposed from to the sun. So this might be insignificant and the PA rating does not tell the duration that it can last in a real-world situation.

What I like about this sun essence?

  1. This product is not solely a sunscreen that blocks UV rays from entering into the skin but also provide moisture to the skin as it contains 70% moisture essence derived from natural ingredients such as green tea. It also has a quick “cooling” sensation upon application.
  2. The ease of application for the sun essence. This sun essence has a gel-like texture with a slight peach tint that spread easily around the face. Compared to my previous sunscreen of a tacky texture that took a while to spread evenly on the face.
  3. The product does not leave a white cast and blend well with your skin tone leaving a soft dewy finish. Compared to my past experiences using physical sunscreens, they do leave a white cast that it’s pretty obvious that cause the appearance of a greasy face.

Do take note that this is more of like a tone-up sunscreen (reduce redness and discolouration) that brightens up your skin. And it is not water-proof too!

What I do not like this sun essence?

  1. This product does contains parfum/fragrance which can be potentially sensitized skin. I mentioned previously that even though fragrance makes the product smell nice, it does more harm than good to the skin. So far, the product does not cause any irritation to my skin so I am not mad at it.
  2. After application, my face does feel a slight stickiness but it take a few hours for the stickiness to be gone. Similarly, I am not mad at it because I hardly touch my face.

Overall, I think this product is suitable for people whom prefer a physical sunscreen over a chemical sunscreen and also brighten up your skin to create that soft dewy effect which is suitable to wear it alone or as a make-up base. If you are interested in the product, feel free to look it up! For more information: Laneige

My rating for this product:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Disclaimer: I find this product beneficial to my skin but it may or may not works for everyone. Kindly understand that every individual has different skin type and texture. I recommend that you do some research before purchasing the product or patch test on your skin before usage. This is not a sponsored post too.

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April Favourites 2020

Hello! It’s time the month of favourites. Phew! March ended just like this. Most of the time, I was staying at home except if I am doing the grocery run. I feel that this self-quarantine does not sound as bad as it seems. Sometimes, it can be a perfect time for you to slow things down if you always have been busy coping with your work.

It’s a time for you to slowly unwind and notice the surroundings or do something that you like to do. Have you ever sat down in your rooms, look outside the windows and appreciate the outside scenery – the cloudy sky, the trees and the sudden breeze that blows through your window?

If you are new to this segment, I’ll be sharing about 2 or 3 favourites that I have used for the month of April. It can be anything from beauty, makeup, book, music or app.

(*) = affiliated link.

Favourite beauty of the month: DR.G RED Blemish Clear Soothing Cream

Photo credit:

This cream was one of the best sellers in Korea in the year 2019. This retail for 36,000 KRW which is roughly about 40 SGD for 70ml. The price is considered affordable. Unfortunately, there is no physical shop in Singapore so I got it online. And I have a question: “Is this cream worth the hype?”

A brief background information about the brand DR.G.

DR.G was founded by dermatologist Dr. Ahn Geon-young of Gowoonsesang Cosmetics*, one of the world’s largest skincare medical group and the number one skin clinic in Korea. Gowoonsesang means ‘Beautiful World’ in Korean. According to their webpage, My Skin Mentor DR.G was launched in 2003 with a philosophy: “Dr. G guarantees a healthy and beautiful skin by continuously developing safe and effective products that are suggesting solutions for various problems based on genuine sympathy and consideration for those with skin problems.”

For more information you can read up his interview here* or visit the DR.G official website (Korea)*

When it comes to cream/moisturiser, I am very particular due to my past experiences of using the cream/moisturiser that causes me to breakout or have fungal acne aka tiny little bumps on the face after some time. I have tried numerous creams from drugstore to expensive cream such as the TATCHA Silk cream. I never really mentioned my experience with using TATCHA Creams so I am going to briefly share it below. You may choose to skip the next 5 paragraphs on the TATCHA experiences.

About 4 years back, I brought the TATCHA silk cream* (120 USD for 50ml), the name indeed sounds luxurious but it was not worth the splurge. The silk cream is a rich gel-cream that is suitable for normal to dry skin. Back then, my skin was relatively combination-dry. After using for two weeks, I started to have fungal acne on my forehead which I did not have previously. And every alternate day, I woke to a new pimple on my face. It made me question whether was it the silk cream that I recently used.

I’ll be frank with you, the silk cream felt “heavy” on my skin and I find that it was not suitable for places experiencing humid weather all year-round. But I think it is most suitable for people with dry skin type and in places that experience winter. I gave the cream to my mum and she loved it considering that she has a dry skin type plus she loved the smell of the cream (FYI: the cream contain parfum/fragrance).

TATCHA launched the water cream* in 2017, I remember purchasing the cream (68 USD for 50ml) online back in late 2018 as it was marketed out as a lightweight gel-cream that was perfect for combination to oily skin type. Comparing the price, the water cream was more affordable than the silk cream. The experience using the TATCHA water cream was okay but nothing fantastic. It’s a lightweight cream that does its job to keep your skin hydrated leaving a non-sticky feeling. Neither does it cause any breakout nor prevent any pimple from coming out. It did nothing to my redness even though there was a split moment of a cooling sensation.

Overall, this is just an average oil-free cream. The selling point was that it contains GOLD as an ingredient in the water cream which is supposed to be anti-oxidant and perhaps giving you that glowy skin. I highly doubt that that is real gold added to the cream. But why add gold in skincare products? I don’t think that the gold would be absorbed by the skin, it would probably sit right on top of your skin that’s all. There was a news article* about the water cream reviewed by a dermatologist. The water cream lasted me for 4 months and I did not repurchase it.

I am not trying to trash TATCHA and just to let you know I used to loved TATCHA products and I want to be honest about my thoughts on their products. For those who actual loved their cream, you can continue using it. However, there are better affordable cream out there that can give you a similar result. 🙂

Let’s focus on the star product…

I have been using the DR.G soothing cream for 3 weeks which I think is substantial to give my honest thought about it. This cream is suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin. My skin type is combination-sensitive and occasionally I do have pimples.

I used this every night even though it was instructed to use it twice daily. So far, I had a pleasant experience, the cream is a lightweight gel texture and I would wake up with a nice glow on my face that did not look too greasy.

The cream absorbed relatively fast into your skin and it did not leave any sticky feeling aftermath. It also soothes my redness, not instantly, take about 5 minutes after application to see the effect.

What I like about this cream:

The cream is fragrance-free and essential oil-free.

I feel that fragrance and skincare should not come together because they don’t complement each other. I know skincare company add fragrance to mask a certain chemical smell or as a marketing technique to attract the consumer to buy their product because of the aroma fragrance.

Since last year, I have decided to make a change to minimise the fragrance content in my skincare products to as little or no fragrance. There is a good reason why. Your skin doesn’t react to a fragrant product from using it for a day, a week or even a month. It’s the prolong exposure that can potentially sensitised your skin and aggravated your skin condition.

You can read more about why you should choose fragrance-free products here: post written by Paula’s choice*

The cream is alcohol-free.

I feel that alcohol can be drying especially toward dry skin and be potentially irritating toward sensitive skin. But not all alcohol is bad for the skin. There are good ones which are classified under fatty alcohol such as Cetearyl, Stearyl, Cetyl and Behenyl alcohol that are not drying or irritating to your skin at all. In fact, they act as emollients which protect your skin and help it to keep moisture in.

The cream contains 5-CICA Complex™ that is specially formulated by DR.G. The 5-CICA Complex™ comprised of 5 skin-soothing ingredients:

  1. Madecassoside – wound healing, skin soothing and anti-oxidant properties
  2. Asiaticoside – wound healing and anti-oxidant properties
  3. Madecassic acid – skin regenerating, wound healing properties
  4. Asiatic acid – moisturising and wound healing properties
  5. Centella extract (aka Tiger grass) – anti-inflammatory properties

However, the cream is not silicone-free which is not necessary a bad thing.

When it comes to silicone, people might automatically assume that it is bad because it can clogged pores. However, this is not true. Silicone is both hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic and not known to sensitise the skin.

Silicone will not penetrate into the skin but it forms a breathable barrier on top of your skin providing beneficial properties such as conditioning properties, emolliency, and ability to prevent moisture loss. Furthermore, they can make the skin appear smoother and more radiant due to their light-reflective properties.

The main takeaway for me about this cream is beside it give my face a hydration boost but also did a good job in controlling any breakout. What I meant was a lesser breakout especially my hormonal breakout that it’s something I cannot control. For my existing pimple, it does help to reduce the flare-up of the pimple.

Back to my question whether is this cream worth the hype? Yes! It is worth the buy especially if you are sensitive – acne-prone skin and you wanted a gentle moisturising cream. This might be the one for you. So if you are interested, feel free to check it out online!

My rating for this product:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Disclaimer: I find this product beneficial to my skin but it may or may not works for everyone. Kindly understand that every individual has different skin type and texture. I recommend that you do some research before purchasing the product or patch test on your skin before usage. This is not a sponsored post too.

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My Favourite Facial Essences (Part 2)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

Hello! I am back on the second part of the favourite facial essences. If you have not read on the first part, kindly do so before you come back to this post.

For this 2nd part, I’ll be focusing on the mid-range (price less than $150) and the affordable ones (price less than $80).

Prices are stated in SGD

Favourite mid-range facial essence: TATCHA The Essence (Plumping Skin Softener).

Photo credit:

This TATCHA The Essence retails at $140 for 150ml. Compared to SK-II facial treatment essence of $220 for 160ml, the price is pretty reasonable.

I know some might not be familiar with this brand. TATCHA is a Japanese inspired beauty brand based in San Francisco, California, founded by Victoria Tsai in 2009.

Adapted from their webpage: “After a decade of working for large corporations, Victoria Tsai yearned for simplicity and authenticity in her life. Suffering from acute dermatitis and developing a keen awareness of the importance of ingredients on the skin, she began traveling East in search of a more evolved, holistic approach to beauty. On a trip to Kyoto, she discovered a world of pure beauty, craftsmanship and heritage. An encounter with a modern-day geisha changed her life“. Read more: tatcha

What’s so special?

It contains 98.7% of this unique active ingredient: Hadasei-3™.

Hadasei-3™ comprised of Japan’s 3 essential nutrients for a healthy skin and youthful radiance:

  • Uji Green tea: Prized throughout Japan as the purest, finest source of Green Tea, this powerful antioxidant-rich botanical from Kyoto is known to detoxify and help prevent signs of premature aging.*
  • Okinawa Mozuku Algae: This sea treasure from Japan’s tropical islands is rich in polysaccharides, essential for skin water retention and renewal.*
  • Akita Rice: This rice is known as the finest rice in Japan for its superior taste and quality. It is also a nourishing moisturizer, rich in essential proteins.*

*Information adapted from TATCHA webpage.

These nutrients undergo natural fementation to produce lactic acid that help to increase cell turnover for improved skin texture and a smooth luster. Furthermore, It promise to deliver a plumping hydration and maximizes performance of all skincare.

Similarly, this essence is an all purpose product that work on multiple skin concern and also compatible to all skin types including sensitive skin. The viscosity of this essence resembles like water.

Photo credit:

More information: TATCHA

In early 2018, I decided to switch from the SK-II facial essence to TATCHA the essence. What drew me in to purchase was the fact that this essence was formulated without any harmful ingredients such as mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, parabens and many more. And I was curious about how this unique ingredient: Hadasei-3™ can help my skin since it contained my-loved for green tea and rice.

Initially I purchased the travel size of the TATCHA Essence which is 25ml. This size can lasted less than 14 days that makes a great use for vacation. I decided to continue using the TATCHA essence for my skincare regimen and I got a bigger size which is only available in 150ml. This size lasted me for 3 months depending on individual usage.

I have used TATCHA essence for a year and I am pleased that it delivered what its promised. Similarly, the TATCHA essence has a slight pungent smell but it is not as strong as the SK-II. FYI: TATCHA essence is fragrance-free.Overall, my face did feel smooth and hydrated.

The plus point was my skin felt much softer like a baby skin literally and it did not cause any breakout on my skin except for occasional hormonal breakout. For fine lines and wrinkles, I really cannot comment on that because I did not experience those yet but it’s good to start using anti-aging product early to prevent or delayed it.

I don’t think there is any downside to this TATCHA essence, perhaps the cost of it. I can understand that some people are not willing to spend that much on one skincare product. So I suggest if you are new to this, you might want to get the travel size bottle to try and see if this product agrees with your skin before you consider to invest this TATCHA essence into your skincare regimen.

How to apply?

The application is the same as the SK-II facial essence, After using a toner, pour a small amount of essences onto your clean palm and gently pat on your face and neck until completely absorbed. OR another method is to pour a small amount of essence into a cotton pad and gently pat on your face and neck until completely absorbed.

My Favourite Facial Essences (Part 1)

Disclamer: This is not a sponsored post.

Happy 2020!! I am back.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

I did a post about my favourite afforable toner. So I was thinking of sharing about my favourite facial essence that I have used over the past years because essence is one of the must-haves in my skincare routine.

I am sure that majority would have heard of facial essence aka “miracle water”. Facial essence is has been very popular in Japan and Korea. Recently, it has grown over in the beauty industry and many beauty brand had jump into the bandwagon to create their own facial essences.

For those who are not familar with a facial essence, it is a lightweight liquid formulation that add a level of hydration and prep your skin properly to absorb your next skincare products (such as serum, cream or moisturiser). Furthermore, it contains concentrated active ingredients that target different skin concern such as wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and uneven skin tone.

Do not be confused between a toner and an essence. Both product have different functions. Toner mainly helps to reset the skin surface pH level back to normal (healthy range) and removes any remaining dirt and gime if it is not being cleanse properly. On the other hand, skin essence helps to hydrate as well as rejuvenate your skin by penetrating deeply to your skin after cleansing and toning.

Disclaimer: I personally find this product beneficial to my skin but it may or may not works for everyone. Kindly understand that every individual has different skin type and texture. Even if you have the similar skin type as me, it may or may not work for you. I recommend that you do some research before purchasing the product or patch test on your skin before usage.

Here are my favourite facial essences which are categorised into 3 price point:

1. Luxury: price more than $200

2. Mid range: price less than $150

3. Affordable: price less than $80

Price stated in SGD

Favourite luxury facial essence: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Photo taken from

This facial essence is self-explanatory, it has been around for more than 38 years and I am sure that majority would have came across this through the YouTube advertisement or TV commercial. The essence comes in 3 sizes: 75ml, 160ml and 230ml and the prices are available from $108 to $289.

More information: SK-II

What’s so special?

It contains 90% of this unique active ingredient: Pitera™.

If you are wondering how did Pitera™ came about? It was discovered by a group of Japanese scientists. Read more: link

According to SK-II webpage, Pitera™ is known as “natural bio ingredient derived from yeast fermentation that resembles your skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors; contains over 50 micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids to condition skin’s natural functions“.

This facial essence is a versatile product that work on multiple skin concerns and also compatible to all skin types. It promises to deliver a brighter glow, prevent spots, less visible wrinkles, smoother texture and suppler skin.

I started using this facial essence in year 2015 till early 2018. Back then, I was 21 years old and it was my first time incorporating essence to my skincare routine. For a start, I purchased the PITERA™ First Experience Kit which retails for $99. The kit includes the facial treament essence (75ml), facial treatment clear lotion (30 ml) and facial treament mask (1 piece).

Photo taken from

This kit lasted less than 2 months so I decided to continue with this essence and brought the bigger size bottle of 230ml that can last for 5 months depending on indivdual usage.

First off, although this facial essence is fragrance-free, I would like to warn that it gives off a pungent smell due to its natural fermentation. For me, the smell was bearable but to some, this may be a turn off. Secondly, the viscosity of this facial essence resembles like water.

From my experiences of using SK-II facial treatment essence for more than 2 years, I do notice a change on my face. Initially my skin texture was slightly bumpy and my skin type is combination-sensitive so I do experience occasional breakouts on my forehead and cheeks.

After using for two months, to my surprise, my mum actually complimented about my face looking more radiant and hydrated compared to previously dull and slight flaky skin that she was concerned about. I even felt that my skin texture is smoother and bouncy. Most importantly, its reduced my skin’s redness and breakouts which seem to balance my skin’s sebum secretion, keeping it shine free.

I felt that the downside of this essence: Expensive, so you might want to think twice or even thrice before purchasing. If you are new to this, I recommend to get the kit that I mentioned above to see whether you will like the product before investing on the bigger size bottle.

Another downside of this essence is the presence of paraben ingredients in the facial treatement essence. If you do not know what parabens is, it is a chemical that is commonly used in the cosmestics product as preservative to prolong the shelf life of the product.

There is allegation that parabens may cause cancerous skin damage with prolong exposure. This may or may not be proven. The amount of paraben used to preserve cosmestics is at a safe level of less than 1%. However, if you are still concerned about paraben, perhaps this facial essence may not be the choice for you. More information: Link 1, Link 2.

How to apply?

The application is simple. After using a toner, pour a small amount of essences onto your clean palm and gently pat on your face and neck until completely absorbed. OR another method is to pour a small amount of essence into a cotton pad and gently pat on your face and neck until completely absorbed.

A video demonstration link

Apart from the normal application, I do have a bonus use for the facial treatment essence.

As a Quick Eye Mask:

Soak some cotton pads with the facial treatment essence, placed them into a sealed Ziploc bag and leave it overnight in the refridgerator. The next morning, take out the chilled cotton pad from the fridge and placed over your eyes for about 5 minutes. The coolness will help to temporary reduce the puffiness of your eyes to make your eyes look brighter.

Alright! I have come to the end of the first part. Thank you for taking your time to read this long post. If you are interested in getting the product, feel free to search it up online. Stay tuned for the part 2 of my favourite facial essence! Cheers!

Unexpectedly Good Budget Cleanser

Hello! Christmas is over. Hope you had a great time with your family, relatives and friends.

Today I am going to share about this afforable cleanser that I did not expected it to be actually good? Before I begin writing more, just a short backstory on how this afforable cleanser came about. You may choose to skip the backstory and jump straight to it.

My all time favourite cleanser is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. It’s a gel type cleanser that retails for 63 SGD for 150ml. I would say it’s on a costly price point. Not everyone is willing to spend this much on a cleanser, but so far I am not able to find one that can beat this. I had placed an order for a new cleanser but it needed some time for the parcel to arrive. Due to my bad prediction, my cleanser had ran out before the package arrival.

I panicked and asked myself “what should I do now?” “Should I make a trip down to the nearest sephora to purchase the Fresh cleanser instead”? Fortunately, my boyfriend suggested me to give his cleanser a try instead. Initially I was skeptical to use his cleanser but I told myself to always try out new things to see if it’s work or not. He gave me a new bottle of his cleanser to use it for the first time and it caught me by surprised.

This cleanser is called SoonJung pH 6.5 Whip Cleanser from Etude house, a korea cosmestics brand. I am certain that this brand is no stranger to majority. It has been around since I was 15 years old, but if you are not familar with this brand, it’s perfectly fine. 🙂

Photo taken by me

Soon Jung Collection by Etude House which I think was released about 2-3 year ago. (p.s I don’t keep up with the Etude house). This collection is mainly for sensitive skin type.

According to their webpage, this cleanser claim to be 98% natural ingredients, free of 10-toxic ingredients and it is formulate to be of a mildly acidic of pH level 6.5.

FYI: Do not be afraid if you find cleanser stating to be mildly acidic, it’s not as bad that what you imagine. The average pH level of our skin is around 4.7 to 5.75. Our skin is weakly acidic due to the presence of a barrier on the surface and uppermost layers of the skin are known as acid mantle.

Image result for skin on ph scale
Credit: Healthline

What is an acid mantle? It plays an important role to keep our skin moisture and protect our skin’s surface from allergens and toxins. Skin acidic pH contain acidic microbiome that act as a protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and virus that can penetrate to our skin. Thus, it is best to get a pH-balanced cleanser that fall within a pH level of 4.0 to 7.0. Read more: website, website

I have used this cleanser for 1 week and what I liked about this cleanser is:

1. It is a foam type cleanser.

The cleanser is very convenient to use. By pressing 2 pump from the bottle, you can straight away cleanse your face. Don’t even have to bother lather the cleanser to create the foam/bubbles.

Photo used for illustrative purpose only. Photo taken by me.

2. It does cleanse the face well without over drying.

You know how some budget cleanser cleanse my face too clean that strips the f*** out of my skin and leaving my face feeling very dry. But this, I must say it did not, I felt that it retained a subtle moisture on my face after cleansing which got me surprised.

4. It is cheap/afforable costing less than $20.

My boyfriend got this cleanser for 17.90 SGD at the store. It may be even cheaper to get it online or directly from South Korea. The reason why my boyfriend uses this cleanser because his skin is very sensitive and he is also an university undergraduate student so he would not want to splurge on his skincare.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I personally find this product beneficial to my skin but it may or may not works for everyone. Kindly understand that every individual has different skin type and texture. Even if you have the similar skin type as me, it may or may not work for you. I recommend that you do some research before purchasing the product or patch test on your skin before usage.

Okay! I have come to the end of my post. If you are interested in getting the product, feel free to search it up online. Hope you have a great day ahead and wishing you a Happy New Year!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash