March Favourites 2020

We are into the 3rd week of April and I felt that March passes by slowly. I know that there is a lot happening with regard to the coronavirus. I shall not elaborate much and you can refer to reliable source (such as WHO and local news) for the latest updates. I hope you guys stay safe and stay home as much as possible, do remember to practice good hygiene too.

If you are new to this segment, I’ll be sharing about 2 or 3 favourites that I have used for March. It can be anything from beauty, makeup, book, music or app.

Favourite Beauty product of the month: Unicharm Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturising Cotton Pad.

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I am aware that this is not a skincare product but it is related to the uses of our skincare routine. Everyone has a different method of applying their skincare. Some may prefer using their clean hands to apply while others prefer using a cotton pad. Personally, I prefer to use a cotton pad to gently wipe the toner on my face followed by gently patting the essence with my clean hands.

This facial cotton pad is unlike any other cotton pad that you get easily from the cosmetic store. Previously, I used the conventional facial cotton pad to apply the toner on my face. I felt that those cotton pads absorb about 2/3 of the toner leaving about 1/3 for the face so normally I dispensed about 5 – 6 drops of my toner. Besides, the cotton fibre would sometimes stick onto my face.

Since the discovery of Unicharm Silcot Sponge Cotton Pad, it has changed the way I applied my toner. I do not have to dispense more toner, in fact, now I dispensed half of my usual (about 3 drops). This is definitely a good sign as I am able to utilise the use of my toner by not wasting more resources.

Let me elaborate more about the Unicharm Silcot Sponge Cotton Pad.

  • The material of the cotton pad is a mix composition of pulp and cosmetic grade rayon. Regarding the percentage of these two, I am not sure of it.
  • The texture of the cotton pad is very soft that allow a smooth application of applying the toner/lotion and provide a fuss-free patting on the face.
  • One cotton pad can be separated into two sheets for the purpose of using it as a face or an eye mask. The curved design of the cotton pad easily fit the contour of the eye area
  • The cotton pad is easily moist with 50% less usage of the toner/lotion.

From the beginning of March, I started using this cotton pad and it was a pleasant experience! For me having sensitive skin, this does not cause any irritation and also not having to worry about cotton fibre sticking on my face. Most importantly, my toner does not have to run out quickly.

Given that a cotton pad can be separated into two sheets, I utilise the cotton pad efficiently by using one sheet for my toner and another for my facial essence. In that way, I am only using one cotton pad for my skincare routine! 🙂

A box of Unicharm Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturising Cotton Pad retails for 2.90 SGD for 40 puffs (80 sheets). The price seems affordable to the majority but a box contains less quantity as compared to the conventional cotton pad of 100 puffs. Ultimately, it depends on an individual’s perspective on this product, for some, it may be helpful to reduce the toner/lotion wastage while others may find it not value for money.

The Silcot cotton pad is not solely for the toner/lotion application. It can be used a quick face mask or eye mask too. A tip from me, for example, if you woke up with puffy eye, you can pour a certain amount of chilled* facial toner/essence on the pad and tear into two sheets and place it under your eye for 5 minutes before your makeup routine. It can temporarily reduce the puffiness of your eye to brighten the under-eye area.

*You can store your facial toner/essence in the refrigerator the night before.

If you are interested, you can get it at retail stores such as Watson, Guardian. It is also available to purchase online: Watson|Guardian|Lazada| Fairprice.